Studded Booty Shorts: Sexy!!!

Studded Booty Shorts are soooo sexy! Studded Booty Shorts are amazing, and a must have for all club goers. These shorts can be worn alone, or under a skirt or dress – especially if it is short and you want to prevent flashing the world. 

stud booty shorts

I got my Studded Booty Shorts from Viktor Viktoria and I wear my Studded Booty Shorts whenever I hang out with my boyfriend and i’m wearing a dress, or not wearing a dress, if you get what I’m saying. He says he loves the way they look, because the Studded Booty Shorts make my legs look wonderful, just like they could make your legs look wonderful.
Viktor Viktoria and are your one stop shops for sexy outfits and hot accessories. Viktor Viktoria and are amazing, and they both have a great staff and a large collection wonderful outfits!
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